Understanding the World Through Science

Objective of the project is to develop the curiosity and willingness on identification of scientific concepts & their applications among students.

The Award Ceremony of Central Province Competition on “Understanding the World through Science” -2016 was held on 25th of October 2016, under the patronage of Prof.Namal Priyantha, The Director of Postgraduate Institute of Science (PGIS), University of Peradeniya at the auditorium of NIFS.
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(Central Province Only)

Students’ category

The students should identify the scientific concepts associated with the environmental phenomenon you observe. You should find one scientific concept associated with an environmental phenomenon each day, during a period of 20 days. Then you should write down the scientific concepts and the phenomenon respectively and send your creation consisting of 20 concepts & phenomenon to us.

The students can submit their creations under the following age groups.

Group I – Grade 7
Group II – Grade 8

Winners List UWTS 2016

Grade 7 Winners List
Grade 8 Winners List

Teachers’ category

The creations could be submitted under three groups in a manner which gives a clear understanding & desire on scientific concepts learned by students.

Creation Group A – Poetic creations
Creation Group B – Simple games
Creation Group C – Short Videos - less than 5 minutes

Resources for the Competition

Overall Best Submission - 2013

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